Green sorting

We offer a wide range of machinery and solutions in the product area of raw sorting. Our buffer solution (that you can find under "Intake" in the menu to the left), has been built into plants both new and existing, with great success. The sorting section may consist of the simplest size gauging or the most advanced video system. Over the years we have installed most systems available on the market. The cutting system is one of our strongest products, and is capable of producing varying lengths of the material, at the highest speeds and is available in different capacity levels. The bin section consists of a optional number of lowering-fork bins or flat bins, depending on the requirements for careful handling and capacity needs. Renholmen's sticker-stacker builds consistently stable and quality packets for the drying process that follows. The truck stick and pack mounts can be positioned automatically on the packet to facilitate the truck driver's work. In the menu you can find a selection of products and stages of production. If you are interested in further information about the product range or if you are interested in modernising your plant, please contact one of our sales team who you can find under "contact" on this page.