Investing in upgraded laths handling


Moelven Valåsen has chosen to complete their dry sorting with new laths placer from Renholmen to two existing layers.

- It is great that we get their continued trust to deliver more machines to their sawmills. We can offer good solutions that the customer is happy with, and that they return is proof of a strong confidence in us, says Daniel Wiklund, Sales representative at Renholmen AB.
Norwegian-owned Moelven has several sawmills, some of which are located in Sweden. Moelven Valåsen in Karlskoga is the company's largest sawmill. In the process of raw materials, such as spruce and pine, Moelven Valåsen has in recent years chosen to invest in machines from Renholmen. Investments have been made in the green sorting, including a cutting system, and recent investments were made in a major upgrade of the green sorting.
This time, the green sorting will be upgraded with a new lath handling for both stackers. The laths cartridges have a new and upgraded placer, which is proved to be very reliable and functional. This model of placer fits with most models of stackers. In addition, it has a high capacity and robust construction.
- We have previously sold the product to customers such as Holmen Iggesund, Setra Kastet and Finnish Luvian Saha, and they are very pleased with the product's functionality and reliability, says Daniel Wiklund.
Delivery and assembly take place in early 2019.