Blade spindle in robotic cutter

It is possible to upgrade most types of robotic cutter with bearing according to the standard we use for new deliveries of cutting systems. This technology is used, for example, in Renholmen’s Flexicut (link to product sheet for Flexicut), which is the laterally variable cutting unit that has replaced our previous best-selling robotic cutter.

This conversion above all facilitates bearing replacement, helps to reduce wear and tear, provides more stable operation and can, depending on your current layout, also facilitate blade replacement. The conversion is customer-specific and is adapted based on the specific needs of the individual robotic cutter, but in general we try to reuse as much as possible of the existing solution in order to keep down costs and minimise spare part stock. Over the past few years we have implemented conversions of both double and single robotic cutters, with positive results.

If you are curious and have questions, or you would like a quote for how an upgrade to your facility’s robotic cutter could be implemented and the benefits it would provide for your solution, feel free to get in touch with one of our sales team.

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