Product description

An assisting elevator can be fitted in combination with a tilt, used to separate the sticks from the timber in a timber packet by tilting the packet so that the timber layer can slide off. The packet turnover time is minimised by the assisting elevator taking over and raising the packet during the time as the main elevator fetches the next packet and places it in a holding position under the assisting elevator.

  • Minimal packet turnover time
  • For high capacities
  • Robust construction
  • Tried and tested technology
  • Available with run-out function

Function description

To minimise the packet turnover time the tilt can be equipped with an assisting elevator that takes over and completes the elevator movement, at the same time as the main elevator fetches the next packet. The package is then ready to be raised and de-layered as soon as the assisting elevator is done. To ensure the uppermost layer is flat at the point of de-layering, a run-out function option is available. The level of the uppermost layer of the packet is corrected on both sides of the packet by the outer forks under the packet which can be raised and lowered. The so-called run-out is fully automatic and with the aid of an ultrasound sensor the packet end levels are read and adjusted against the level in the middle of the packet.

Technical data

Elevator height: approx. 1 m
Operation: Hydraulic
Product number: 2091