Powerful, high-performance, precise and at the same time of a quality you do not need to replace

We have our own tradition. Therefore we think about machinery in a different way. We have worked according to the principle of “best suited and best executed” since 1972. Inspiration, ideas and innovations originate from our customers’ diverse needs, our socially talented engineers and the opportunities they detect together. There are no shortcuts.

Here you can see the milestones that have made us what we are today


Renholmens Mekaniska Verkstad founded in the village of Renholmen. Main production was of hydraulic cogwheel pumps and repairs.

Manufacture of wheel loaders for Kewako. Later for Bröderna Ljungbergs

Manufacture of loading machinery for Bröderna Lundbergs

Hydraulic timber loading forks start to be developed and manufactured.

The Hellgren group buys the company. Some 20 employees manufacture timber loading forks and shaping tools for Skega AB.

The company relocates to the newly-built factory building in Byske. Manufacture and project deliveries of sawmill equipment is an emerging sector with rapid growth.

The competitors Eve-maskiner and Smedbolaget are acquired by Renholmen.

Contorta buys Renholmen which by then had 150 employees.

Sorb Invest buys Contorta.

Troponor AB, owner of the competitor Hammars buys Renholmen which becomes responsible for the product group of lumber handling in the Group. Hammars is dissolved and the products transferred to Renholmen’s range.

Carl Bennet comes in as owner and buys Troponor AB, which at the same time is amalgamated with the Sorb Invest group and changes name to Sorb Industri AB, a group with more than 900 employees and a turnover of around 1.1 billion SEK.

Renholmen’s production unit is sold off to FeRex AB from Piteå, taking over manufacturing. They buy the machinery, part of the personnel and move the entire business to Byske. Renholmens Mekaniska Verkstad AB from now on will become a pure technical company without any manufacturing of its own.

Renholmens Mekaniska Verkstad AB changes name to Renholmen AB as the company no longer has any workshop activities.

Sorb Industri is reformed to the business area of “Sawmill equipment” within Lifco AB. Altogether Lifco has a turnover of more than 5 billion SEK with 2300 employees.

Renholmen AB and Forslunds Maskin AB merge into one compnay under the banner of Renholmen AB, which widens its offer to include lumber handling for all types of further refinement within the timber industry.

Provator acquires Renholmen AB and AriVislanda from the Lifco Group. Almab Storvik AB already belongs to Provator and the three companies are part of a joint ownership structure in the company ARA Technology Group AB.

Storskogen AB acquires ARA Technology Group AB (ARAT), which consists of Renholmen AB, AriVislanda and Almab Storvik AB, from Provator. In 2019, Engineering firm Gösta Hedlund AB and the automation company Milltech were also acquired to ARAT.