Our organisation is based on clear areas of responsibility with regard to duties,
responsibility and authority. From the board to operational groups and management groups, the ambition is to perform at the highest level.

CEO overall operational responsibilities and the utmost jurisdiction in strategic and operational company issues.

Market operative sales and strategic communication and marketing. Also responsible for an entire project during the sales phase.

Mechanical Design is responsible for design, production and development of machinery. Handles all mechanics up to manufacturing.

Automation control and electrical design. Works in close relationship with several subcontractors.

Project Department responsible for the project once the contract is ready. A project team is formed for each project with staff from most of our departments with a project leader as principal. The project department also handles purchases for projects and the service organisation, which takes care of the plant together with the customer after the project is completed. The project department also takes care of the project documentation.

Administration is responsible for finances, IT and personnel-related matters.