A plant needs to be serviced continually and looked after in order for it to maintain capacity and production levels. If this is combined with regular service by experienced service technicians who go through and inspect the plant and at the same time can suggest improvements, the production level will not only be maintained, but over time can be increased. Our service technicians have experience from other similar plants and they are right up to date on what is happening on the development front and can quickly implement this in the plants they visit. As the service personnel are continually visiting many similar plants, they can often immediately recognise if something is not functioning as it should. Sometimes it might be simple machine setting configurations, which can be fixed there and then.

A service agreement is basically to cover regular status inspections. During an inspection the service technician completes a report which is subsequently gone through with the plant management. After this the customer chooses the measures to be taken, if they do it themselves or if they need help with this, according to a set price list.

The most frequent points in the Service agreement are:

  • Service personnel conduct an on-site inspection of the plant at set intervals, generally over one day, once or twice yearly.
  • Functional tests are carried out.
  • Inspection of the mechanics, electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics, etc., and replacement of any worn parts.
  • A report detailing measures taken during the service is made.
  • Suggestions for possible upgrade measures are made.
  • Support and training of customer’s own maintenance personnel.
  • Telephone back-up during office hours.

Scheduled maintenance is one of the most important factors for ensuring that a facility remains profitable year after year. We’re happy to help in this.