Electrical operation sticker frame

The sticker frame serves an important function as part of the sticker-stacker. It is subjected to fairly tough conditions with constant up and down motion. For many years this function has been hydraulically powered, and in more recent times by means of a proportional valve for somewhat gentler running yet still fast and distinct.

As many people know, hydraulic systems are often difficult to align and ensure reliability over time. The hydraulic components often tend to be expensive to replace with long delivery times for spare parts, which has resulted in hydraulic operation increasingly having been replaced by electrical operation in general. This in turn has meant that service-intensive and noisy hydraulic units that run at full power, irrespective of whether the machine is in operation or not, can be removed. This yields big energy and environmental gains when only electricity is used and the volumes of hydraulic oil to be handled are smaller in terms of both the environment and costs.

Switching to electrical operation for the sticker frame yields greatly improved scope for alignment, as the built-in pulse sensor keeps extremely close track of where the sticker frame is in its movement and acceleration and retardation can then commence at exactly the right point. This is also more sparing on the mechanics of the sticker frame, as it runs extremely gently. A switch to electrical operation is easy to implement, during a weekend of downtime, for example, with the aid of our experienced commissioning engineers.

For more information or to obtain a quote for upgrading to an electrically-powered sticker frame, please contact one of our sales team.

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