The guiding belts on the Portion Feeder Sticker is a purely mechanical update that requires no further operation. The rebuilding is relatively simple and quick and can be completed during a stop day.

On the older model with clappers, over time it becomes a gap in the linkage. When this occurs, the clappers do not strike evenly and causes an uneven current of sticks, which can cause unnecessary disruptions.

Instead, by mounting guiding belts on each side of the Portion Feeder Sticker it ensures the input position of the sticks to the automatic stick handling device and unnecessary downtime is avoided.

This is a very effective update of the Portion Feeder Sticker, which contributes to increased operational reliability in the automatic stick handling device, reduces the noise level and the maintenance cost.

If you have questions or want a quote on how an upgrade of the Portion Feeder Sticker could be implemented and benefit your plant, do not hesitate to contact us.


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