The appropriate functions and professional construction

In our design work we place equal emphasis on meeting every functionality requirement and ensuring that the solutions are well conceived and easy to maintain. To achieve this, we use dedicated development tools for efficient design and the preparation of complete documentation.
We have a large archive of documentation from our previous deliveries and are happy to assist with electrical construction during reconstruction or extension of your plant.

Equipment Cabinets

The equipment cabinets we supply are standardized with carefully planned material choices to make design and assembly more efficient and to ensure the reliability of the delivered equipment. The uniform and scaled-down structure of equipment cabinets and other electrical equipment helps in troubleshooting through recognition and clarity.

Frequency converters

A large part of the operations at our plants are constructed with frequency converters. Advantages are that we can optimize each operation as needed and reduce electricity consumption. All frequency converters are controlled via bus and with safe stop STO from fail-safe PLC.

Our pulpits and panels are always designed to make interaction with the operator simple. This applies both to the customized application and choice of manufacturer.

Control Systems

We use PLCs with the latest technology and networks with distributed IOs that make it easy to troubleshoot.

Operator consoles

With nested touch screens and compact push-button panels, we free up space for the operator to move freely at workstations while minimizing costs.
The push-button panels show the current status in different colors to help the operator make quick and correct decisions.


Our container solutions provide many benefits for us as a supplier and for you as a customer. Instead of equipment cabinets, we mount the mounting plate directly on the walls in a 20 ‘or 40’ ISO container. In addition to the plant´s control and starting equipment, we can also supply switchgear, climate equipment and lighting central in the container.

The electrical equipment is connected and tested before delivery. The container replaces the classic electrical room which both takes valuable time to build and is very expensive.

If the container is placed outdoors, it is afterwards subsequently easily insulated in accordance with other buildings.