Integrated equipment control

Our equipment controls are always developed and delivered as an integral part of the equipment. By involving our automation department right from the start, we make sure that both the offered and delivered solutions meet all customer-specific requirements regarding user-friendliness, quality and performance.

Integrated safety

In today’s industrial workplaces, there is no room to bargain for personal safety. Through every phase of the project, from construction to commissioning, we place a strong focus on minimizing the risk of personal injury.
Therefore, we develop solutions that make it easy to adapt safety zones to the conditions of the plant without switching or replacing hardware in the equipment. We do this by integrating safety and machine control in the same control system and using frequency inverters with a safe stop function for the operations. In many cases, we also help incorporate security solutions into customers’ existing facilities.


The PLC system is at the heart of equipment control. Our in-house PLC programmers have long experience of equipment control within timber processing. With our long experience in machine control, we have developed our own platform with integrated power steering, technology functions and integrated safety. With software blocks developed for our machines, we have been able to reduce commissioning times and at the same time achieve more advanced programs and operator interfaces.

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Operator interface

Our key words when we develop operator interfaces are intuitive, simple and informative. It should be easy to interpret and navigate information and the information that is important should always be available whether it is production or service stoppages. With pre-programmed widgets we create a start page together with the operating personnel and for machine parts there are necessary manual run, encoder indication and troubleshooting tools.