Dry sorting

We offer a wide range of machinery and solutions in the product area of dry sorting plant. Our tilting tables, often equipped with an assisting elevator, are stable with a minimum packet turnover time for high capacities. The stick receiver with truck stick handling has also undergone a change in generation in which the truck sticks are separated from the drying sticks in an efficient manner. The sorting section most frequently consists of some form of automatic sorting. Over the years we have installed most systems available on the market.

To gain the maximum benefit from the automatic sorting a cutting system is needed, which is able to precisely and quickly carry out the cutting orders from the systems. The cutting system is one of our very strongest products, and is capable of producing varying lengths of the pieces, and if necessary at the highest possible speeds. The bin section consists of an optional number of lowering-fork bins or flat bins, depending on the requirements for careful handling and capacity needs.

Renholmen’s packet stacker exists for different capacity levels and currently has the market’s fastest packet stacker in the form of the Triple-stacker. The packeting line is adjusted according to the customers’ different conditions and requirements. In the menu you can find a selection of products and stages of production.

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