Product description

Trimmer TriAx is a high capacity product used for module cutting of timber. Each piece of timber can be cut in stages around a module length. The product may even be included as a part of Renholmen’s complete cutting system.

  • Improved solution with short cutting arms
  • Exact module cutting of timbers
  • Good cutting support
  • Dust is removed via vacuum shafts
  • High capacity
  • Robust, easily serviced design
  • Easy belt replacement thanks to split shafts
  • The blade belt runs over three shafts to avoid belt length differences

Function description

The Trimmer consists of a number of blades for module cutting of timber pieces. The timber pieces are transported through the trimmer on a chain-driven conveyor with carrier (the conveyor is not part of the trimmer). During the cutting sequence the timbers are kept in position by sprung retainers, and are at the same time supported from underneath by rotating drums. The blades are attached to blade arms that are raised and lowered aided by their own individual air cylinder controlling the blade before the timber prior to cutting. Trimmer TriAx cuts the timber pieces when the saw blade is at its lower position. The design solution with three shafts for the blade operation eliminates variation of the belt length during the cutting process. Multi-divided drive shafts also facilitate belt replacement.

Technical data

Kapacitet: Max. 160 carriers/minute (depending on dimensions)
Blade operation: Electric motor operation x2
Holder: 1 per each blade
Carrier division: 800 mm
Blade movement: Pneumatic cylinders
Module length: 300 mm
No. of cuts: max 21 pieces
Timber width: 70-250 mm
Timber diameter: 16-100 mm
Timber length incoming: max 6.7 m
Timber length, module cut: max 6.0 m
Chip suction: 2 suction ducts
Cutting: Down onto underlying belt conveyors
Service hatches: 15
Machine protection: Electrically guarded service hatches.
Service plan: Also serves as a transition over the line
Product number: 2686