Product description

The sorting conveyor’s flaps are used to transport and sort the timber into the appropriate bin in the bin section.

  • Highest capacity
  • Robust construction

Function description

An overlying chain conveyor equipped with a carrier propels the timber pieces in a lateral direction to the respective distribution station. At each distribution station the lumber pieces are steered into the appropriate bin by a pneumatically controlled flap. The sorting conveyor can be equipped with the optional return channels or belt turn, which can be used in the event that lumber that has not been allocated a bin is turned at the drive station, and is returned on the upper side of the sorting conveyor for further transport towards, for example, the in-feed.

Technical data

Capacity: Max. 200 carriers/minute (depending on dimensions)
Chain tension: Chain weight and tensioning screw
Chain: M112-B-100
Drive: Screw gear motor drive with electronic speed adjustment
Product number: Sorting conveyor flaps sink bin 2711
Sorting conveyor flaps tray sorter2712
Distribution station flaps sink bin 2742
Option: Return arcs belt turning