Product description

The sticker receiver is used to receive sticks after destacking of timber packets. A chain conveyor receives sticks laterally. By positioning the chain guides far apart, broken-off sticks will be screened out by falling down between the chain guides. The sticks are fed down onto a chain conveyor with an ejector carriage. A buffering effect is achieved through height difference. Once the ejector carriage is full of sticks, it travels forward before then reversing back as the sticks are fed down into the stick elevator. As the stick elevator is filled it is lowered down. Once the elevator is full, the sticks are lowered further down into the waiting sticker crate.

  • Product number: 2888
  • Chain conveyor for sticks
  • Number of chain guides for sticks: 2
  • 1” roller chain with straight side plate, 16B-1-RB24
  • Reduction gear motor
  • Reduction gear motor for elevator movement

Function description

The sticker receiver can consist of different machinery units; here is one example:

Unscrambler sticker 2811
The sticks are received in a collection pocket. From the collection pocket an elevator lifts the sticks up to the next conveyor.

Fork lift sticker separator 2821
A fork lift sticker separator consists of two facing units each with a rotating vertical toothed chain. The toothed chain is spring-loaded and squeezes together the truck sticks, which are carried over the gap between two chain conveyors. The dry sticks do not reach the vertical chains and therefore fall down onto the underlying conveyor.

Chain conveyor for sticker crates
A sticker crate conveyor receives empty crates and puts these in position for filling before then transporting them to the collection point. There is space for an empty crate before stacking, one in the stacking position and a full crate after the stacking position. The crates are moved to and from the receiver by a fork lift or a loader with forks.

Technical data

Product number:   2888, 2811, 2821
Option:   Unscrambler sticker
  Fork lift sticker separator
  Chain conveyor for sticker crates