Product description

Renholmen’s Stacker places completed product packets in the dry sorting lines, planing lines and other further refinement installations. A continual timber flow in layers is registered and marked before the layers are stacked as completed product packets. The Stacker is able to stack all kinds of packets such as full, half and quarter packets. Bind sticks are placed in the packets between pre-determined layers. The bind sticks are manually loaded in a cassette on the walkway at the side of the machine. These are subsequently cut to the correct length for the packet width concerned.

  • Includes patented solutions
  • High capacity
  • Can mark and register timber pieces in layers with the help of the patented instant separation solution
  • Robust design
  • Can be supplemented to handle impregnation sticks
  • Can be equipped with twin elevators or an auxiliary elevator to provide minimum packet switching times
  • Automatic bind stick laying where bind sticks are cut to the correct length
  • A loading cassette for bind sticks

Functional description

A layer of timber arrives on the stacker via an elevator section, or directly from a flat bin, providing a clear capacity advantage. An operator monitors and ensures that the timber lies in one layer towards the layer punch. The purpose of the layer punch is to create a distance between the timber layers by holding onto and releasing layers at predetermined intervals. The fair-ended timber is fed onto a layer build-up conveyor where articulated stacker forks collect the layer, turn it and lift it out of the packet in an acceleration and retardation phase. The procedure is repeated until the package is complete.

The Stacker can be combined with Renholmen’s automatic bind stick laying, in which bind sticks are cut to the correct length. It can also be equipped with instant separation for labelling and registration of the timber pieces.

Technical data

 Capacity:  max. 20 layers/minute
 Packet width:  500 -1200 mm
 Operation:  Electrical and pneumatic operation
 Stop-hook:  Pneumatic
 Product number:  Lamellar conveyor 2937
 Chain conveyor layer stamp 2927
Stapling section packet stacker 2932
 Automatic bind stick machine 2849
 Option  Instant separation for marking in levels
 Marking equipment 2939
 Instant separation for layer registration
 Length measurer 2938
 Packet elevator double side out-feed 2936