Product description

Forklift sticks are placed automatically on strapped finished timber packages on the package feeder belt. The forklift sticks are picked and taken completely automatically from a pallet. The number of sticks and their positioning are determined automatically from the length of the packages.

  • The forklift sticks are taken automatically from a pallet.
  • Choice of stick patterns
  • The forklift driver can decide whether or not forklift sticks should be placed on the package.
  • Operator-free

Functional description

An EUR pallet with forklift sticks is placed on a lift table. From here the sticks are picked off in layers and placed on a chain conveyor to be taken to the robot’s collection point. A robot arm fetches the forklift sticks that are needed for a package then moves out and places them on the package. The forklift driver can choose whether or not a package should have sticks. Information on the stick pattern to be used is taken from the package loader.

Technical data

Laying speed: 30-60 seconds depending on number of sticks
 Operation: Electric
Operator control: Electric
Product numbers: 2840, 2841


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