Product description

Renholmen’s wrapping layer is an add-on for most types of wrapping rollers, making the work of the operator easier and contributing to a safer working environment. The product makes it possible to pull out the plastic to the correct length, as well as to weld a cover in advance before the packet is in place. Grippers hold the plastic in place, simplifying operation and allowing the machine to be handled by one operator instead of two. An excellent alternative for dry sorters and planing lines that need to turn awkwardness into efficiency and simplicity.

  • Can be paired with most types of wrapping rollers
  • Robust construction
  • Tried and tested technology

Function description

The wrapping is laid out and cut automatically to the correct length in advance or when the packet is in position. Grippers hold the plastic in place while the operator stretches and secures the opposite end. The plastic is released manually and the wrapping process is completed with the press of a button. The shuttle returns and fetches the wrapping for the next packet. Wrapping type and length are controlled via direct signals from the packet stacker or manually via push buttons.

Technical data

The machine’s length, width and height are tailored to the customer
Wrapping unrolled and fed via geared motor drive
Wrapping cutting, locking and gripper width adjustment via pneumatic drive

Operation: Geared motor drive for unrolling and feeding the wrapping
Pneumatic drive for cutting the wrapping, locking and gripper width adjustment
Product number: 3800