Product description

Renholmen’s camera stand has been adapted to support camera equipment and lighting for existing camera systems on the market. The camera stand has been adapted for scanning equipment that requires turning of the timber pieces as well as for non-turning handling of the timber pieces. There are also solutions for handling of timber pieces that must be transported longitudinally. Renholmen, together with system suppliers, has developed the camera stand including conveyors to achieve the best possible sorting results for your specific equipment.

  • Adapted solution
  • All scanning systems are possible
  • Developed together with the scanning system suppliers
  • Robust construction
  • FinScan, Lisker, Microtec, RemaSawco and WoodEye are examples of systems that Renholmen can work with

Function description

The timber pieces are transported by means of chain conveyors with carriers through the camera stand where the camera equipment can take the pictures required for the sorter control system. If the camera equipment does not require any turning of the timber pieces, the camera stand is equipped with an acceleration belt. The acceleration belt ensures that the timber pieces are drawn away from the carriers so that the cameras have a clear view of all sides of the timber pieces. To enable the underlying cameras to see the whole piece, there will be a conveyor divide after the timber pieces have passed the first set of cameras on the underside. If  turning of the pieces is necessary, this can be done with the help of a Board Turner or Flow Turner.

Technical data

Capacity: Up to 200 pieces/min. Depending on scanning system supplier
Maintenance: Service plan for adjustment and servicing of camera equipment
Product number: Controlled by scanning system
Camera stand 2180, 2185, 2187
Flow turner 2954
Chain conveyor Camera stand 2186
Belt conveyor Camera stand 2181