Product description

The sorting conveyor’s hook track is used to transport and sort the timber into the appropriate bin in the bin section.

  • Robust construction
  • Cost-efficient solution
  • Tried and tested technology

Function description

An in-feed conveyor accelerates the timber pieces from a carrier conveyor onto the hook track. The hook track consists of an overlying chain conveyor fitted with hooks that laterally transport the timber pieces over the bin section to the allotted bins. Pneumatically controlled distribution stations at the bins push off the timber pieces intended for the bin concerned. The sorting conveyor can be equipped with the optional return channels or belt turn, which can be used in the event that timber that has not been allocated a bin is turned at the drive station, and is returned on the upper side of the sorting conveyor for further transport towards, for example, the intake.

Technical data

Capacity: Max. 140 carriers/minute (depending on dimensions)
Chain tension: Tensioning screw
Chain hook track: M112-A-100
Chain in-feed conveyor: 1” roller chain with straight sideplates
Drive:  Shaft mounted gear motor drive with electronic speed adjustment
Product number sorting conveyor hook track: 2701
Product number distribution station: 2721
Option: Return arcs, belt turning