Product description

In the tray sorter the lumber is sorted in layers according to, for example, dimensions, quality and length. A tray sorter consists of a number of trays which is matched to the amount of sorts the timber is to be sorted into. When a tray is full it is emptied downwards towards a stacker. The lumber is emptied from the trays aided by an emptying flap which moves between the different levels as the bins are emptied.

  • Very careful handling of the lumber
  • Makes optimal conditions for the following stacker.
  • High capacity
  • Robust construction
  • Tried and tested technology
  • Stable and secure entry to the trays thanks to the design of the tray sorter intakes and flaps.
  • Electronic speed control of the operations

Function description

The lumber enters the tray sorter on carrier-fitted chains. A flap sorting conveyor transports the lumber until the actual trays pneumatic flap steers the lumber into the tray. The lumber is steered onto an in-feed conveyor that rapidly accelerates the timber. Good order in the bin is kept with the aid of a pneumatic stop-hook that is perched, and ensures that the lumber layer lies straight before it is released onwards in the compartment. The lumber layer is successively fed onwards, and when the tray becomes full and it is time to be emptied, a lowering conveyor comes and assumes an emptying position so that the lumber layer can be emptied in one continuous layer. As the lumber lies in layers, there is no need for any following unscrambler, as the lumber runs in one single long layer towards the stacker.

Technical data

Capacity: Max. 200 carriers/minute (depending on dimensions)
Chain tension by bin: Pneumatic
Chain: Roller chain simplex 1” 16B-1R24 with straight sideplate
Operations: Shaft gear motor drive with electronic speed adjustment
Flap: Pneumatic
Stop-hook: Pneumatic
Chain contact: C-profile with skid plastic both upper and lower sections.
Product number: 2775
Option: Partition of trays for better accessibility.