Product description

The Sinus Trimmer is a high capacity product used for module cutting of timber. Each piece of timber can be cut in stages around a module length. The product may even be included as a part of Renholemn’s complete cutting system.

  • Patented solution with sinus movement gives short carrier division and a precise cutting sequence.
  • Exact module cutting of timbers.
  • Short carrier division through the trimmer, giving a lower processing speed
  • Optimal cutting support
  • Chip and sawdust are removed separately
  • High capacity
  • Robust, easily serviced design
  • Easy to replace belts
  • Reliable technology with a basic concept since 1999

Function description

The trimmer is intended for blades that are to module-cut timber. The timber is transported past the blades by a chain conveyor with wide carriers between each blade. The timber slides onto plates and once in the cutting position is held down by spring-loaded holders. All of this ensures the timber is enclosed on all sides during sawing, which optimises the cut conditions during the sawing motion. The blades are attached to blade-arms that are raised by an eccentric mechanism via a link rod and air cylinders. A gear motor drive motor drives the eccentric mechanism, the conveyor through the trimmer and the in-feed and out-feed conveyors. The mechanical synchronisation of the blade-arms’ lifting motion and the conveyor ensure the cutting motion. Those blades that are not cutting the timber piece in question are held upright by each blade’s air cylinder. The blades cut the timber pieces in a sinus-shaped movement. This enables a shorter carrier division, which gives a lower throughput speed of the timber with maintained capacity. As the blades rotate towards the carriers the chippings and sawdust are sent backwards/upwards.

Technical data

Capacity: Max. 200 carriers/minute (depending on dimensions)
Blade operation: Electric motor operation x2
Holder: 1 per each blade
Carrier conveyors: 3, one of which is a wider carrier
Carrier division: approx. 500 mm under the cutting process.
Conveyor operation: Frequency controlled geared motor drive
Blade movement: Mechanical eccentric mechanism
Module length: 300 mm
No. of cuts: max 21 pieces
Lumber width: 70-250 mm
Lumber thickness: 16-100 mm
Lumber length incoming: max 6.3 m
Lumber length, module cut: max 6.0 m
Sawdust handling: Sawdust channel with sawdust scraper down to belt conveyors
Sawdust suction: 2 suction ducts
Cutting: Down onto underlying belt conveyors
Service hatches: Dust-tight, sound insulated x 3
Machine protection: Electrically guarded service hatches.
Service plan: Also serves as a transition over the line
Product number: 2690