Product description

The Turbo single feeder is used to feed piecemeal the timber pieces to a following carrier conveyor. As an extra aid for green sorting the machine can be fitted with adaptors for varying thicknesses of timber pieces. A sticker-stacker can be equipped with double feeding for the measurement of the timber pieces, two by two, and mixed feeding to simultaneously feed a single timber in combination with the double feeding pieces to get the number of timber pieces to add up with an odd number and double feeding.

  • Patented solutions
  • Careful, confident feeding
  • Can be equipped with active settings for mixed sizes
  • Double feed and mixed feed are optional extras
  • High capacity
  • Robust construction
  • Tried and tested technology

Function description

A timber layer queues against a stop dog. Underlying belt flaps raise the timber piece which is clamped between the underlying and overlying belt flaps, and is then fed into the following carrier conveyor. At the same time as it feeds in a timber piece, the next piece is stopped against a stop dog. To be able to achieve a fast and stable operation, the overlying belt flaps are pneumatically sprung and assist in feeding the timber piece forwards by holding it down whilst it is fed. Belt flaps consist of belt drives that are carried round a driveshaft, which ensures the belt length is constant during the feed process. With the optional extra of active setting the overlying belt flaps are raised by a pneumatic cylinder between each timber piece to allow both narrow and broad timber pieces to be fed simultaneously. With the optional extra of double feeding and mixed feeding, the fixed stop is adjustable to allow the simultaneous feed of two timber pieces to each carrier.

Technical data

Capacity: Max. 200 carriers/minute (depending on dimensions)
Drive: Gear motor drive with electronic speed adjustment
Number of underlying belt flaps: approx. 6 depending on timber length
Number of overlying belt flaps: approx. 6 depending on timber length
Can the belt be dismantled Yes
Product number: 2535, 2540