Product description

The Fork Lift Sticker Automatic is located above the packet conveyor and places fork lift sticks onto completed timber packets. The sticks are fed automatically by a chain with hooks that face the stick location. The sticks are held pneumatically in a frame. The stick frame is lowered onto the packet by means of an electric elevator before they are placed on the timber packet.

  • Product number: 2838
  • Chain guides, length approx 7.2 m
  • Number of chain guides: 2 pcs
  • Pneumatic stick holder: 11 pcs
  • Variable frequency drive gear motors

Functional description

Sticks are loaded onto a conveyor for onward transportation to a stick elevator. After the stick elevator there is a stick separator that makes sure only fork lift sticks are transported onward to the buffer conveyor. The sticks are loaded automatically from the buffer conveyor into a stick feeder for loading the Fork Lift Sticker Automatic.

The timber packet is placed under the Fork Lift Sticker Automatic by the packet conveyor before the sticks are deposited automatically on the timber packet. New sticks are then automatically placed on the hook track and the automatic stinker machine is ready for the next timber packet.

Technical data

Layout conveyor: Variable frequency drive gear motor
Stick feeder elevator: Gear motor
Stick elevator: Variable frequency drive gear motor
Stick separation: Spring-loaded toothed chain, variable frequency drive gear motor
Stick feeder: Gear motor
Product number: 2811, 2836, 2837, 2838