Product description

Fork lift stick cassettes place fork lift sticks onto finished timber packets. The cassettes are loaded manually from a working platform. Forklift sticker cassettes are usually placed above the packet out-feed conveyor. It is possible to position fork lift stick cassettes individually. Fork lift sticks are laid out with the aid of a fully mechanical device. There are optional electric actuators that prevent sticks from a given cassette from being laid out. The fork lift operator is able to select the cassettes from which sticks are taken.

  • Robust construction
  • Tried and tested technology
  • Easy-to-load cassettes
  • Vastly improved working environment for forklift drivers
  • Can also lay forklift sticks on their ends
  • Disengageable fork lift stick cassettes with electric actuator assistance (option)

Function description

Fork lift sticks are manually loaded into the stick cassettes. When loading the cassettes, fork lift sticks are taken from a stick rack collection point located next to the working platform. Alternatively, a rack emptier with a chain conveyor for the sticks can be linked to the refilling position, which feeds the sticks into the loading position. An alternative, mobile, working platform is brought out together with the stick rack each time the cassettes need refilling.

The timber packet is forwarded in stages under the truck stick cassettes, after a signal is given from the truck driver/operator. The cassettes are lowered and the truck sticks are placed on the packet. Fully-automated forwarding of truck sticks from the cassettes. In the case of short packets, no truck sticks are fed to protrude out from the packet. With the aid of an electric actuator on a cassette, it is possible to select whether to lay out a fork lift stick or not.

Technical data

Mechanically activated cassettes: Optional number of fully mechanical fork lift stick cassettes
Drive: Cog drive motor-driven downward stacker movement
Safety: Fall protection cassette frame
Work platform: Work platform support
Work platform ladder
Cassettes: Optional number of fork lift stick cassettes with no actuator function
Product number: 2839