Product description

The Step Feeder is used to carefully and efficiently organise a lumber bundle in portions, and to create a more favourable flow for the following elevator. The Step Feeder advances the lumber in steps at the same time as it is straightened up. There is a model with a double-action step feeder for higher capacity. When processing larger sized lumber, for example, it can be forwarded past the Step Feeder directly to the elevator, if the by-Pass option is selected.

  • Patented by-pass solution
  • Careful handling of the lumber
  • High capacity
  • Robust construction with its origin in the lumber handling field
  • Tried and tested technology

Function description

A single-action Step Feeder consists of a static and a moving stair. A gear drive motor drives the moving steps via a crank. With a double-action step feeder both stairs move alternately. As an option there is a by-pass conveyor consisting of a telescopic chain conveyor mounted together with the final section of the underlying conveyor, which bridges the step feeder when you want to forward the lumber bundle past the step feeder directly to the elevator when processing larger lumber pieces.

Technical data

Drive: Shaft mounted gear motor drive with electronic speed adjustment
Product number single-action: 2391
Product number double-action: 2392
Option: By-pass conveyor