Product description

The Sticker Automatic is used to automatically position drying sticks on a lumber layer in a packet.

  • Large buffer of sticks minimises lack of sticks in the cassettes
  • Can be paired with most types of sticker-stackers
  • High capacity
  • Robust construction
  • Tried and tested technology

Function description

Sticks, divided into portions of three sticks each, are received by an overlying carrier conveyor. The Sticker Automatic refills its bins with stick portions in order to achieve a high number of sticks per unit of time. When there is no cassette calling for sticks, they will travel around in a buffer which also allows quick access to a sufficient number of sticks. Sticks that are to be laid on the packet layer are first laid in a frame that is lowered onto the layer. To prevent the lumber in the layer from compressing when the stacker forks in the stacker return, the downward stacker fork has spacers that maintain the distance between the lumber so that an even drying result can be achieved.

Technical data

Chain tension: Tensioning screw
Chain: C2080H
Drive: Shaft mounted gear motor drive
Number of sticker positions: Selectable
Shortest distance between sticks: 300 mm
Product number: 2845