Product description

Stick inspector is used to sort out broken and bent dry sticks before they are able to cause problems or stoppages in the machinery. A camera system is used to detect deviations from the quality requirements that the sawmill has laid down for its dry sticks. When such a deviation is discovered, an ejector removes the defective stick. Before the camera unit, group chains are positioned to straighten up the sticks and ensure the correct spacing. Stick Inspector can be positioned at a stick intake or in a stick receiver.

  • High capacity
  • Improves accessibility in the sticker-stacker
  • Improves timber quality when drying
  • Sorting out of defective fork lift sticks is an option

Functional description

After the sticks have passed over the group chains, a laser line scans the stick. A camera reads the laser line and a 3D image is generated, showing the stick’s length, width, thickness, edge hook, flat bend and twist. If the dry stick does not satisfy the quality requirements in the regulations that have been laid down, a signal is sent to an ejector, which automatically removes the defective stick. Stick Inspector also produces a report detailing how many dry sticks have been removed and for what reasons. The report is sent by e-mail. In the user interface, the user can easily go in an adjust the boundaries in respect of which quality dimension levels will be approved or not.

Technical specification

Sorting: Laser and camera
Location: Indoors or outdoors
Operation: Pneumatic or electric ejector
Option: Sorting out of fork lift sticks