It has been a fantastic year for Renholmen both commercially and organizationally with many new employments, but also a year full of challenges. Above all, Covid 19 has made it difficult for all of us to carry out our work and some have been hit harder than others. At Renholmen, we have done what we could to stop the pandemic and at the same time carry out our work in the best way.

Despite the pandemic, we have had our best year ever. We have received the trust from both new and old customers to deliver our products and that we have committed staff who have worked hard to take care of the complications and difficulties that Covid has brought. At the beginning of the year, we made large deals in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Then it is inevitable to mention Metsä Fiber, which is making the largest sawmill investment to date in Finnish history. It is a business deal that we are very proud of and we have been entrusted with delivering two complete green sorting lines with Sticker stackers and are thus one of the largest individual machine suppliers.

Setra’s new dry sorter planing line in Hasselfors is also beginning to be completed. In such a large project, there are always challenges that arise during the journey and Corona has of course been a major factor that affected the completion of the facility. For the first time, it is great to see all our top machines in the same delivery.
We will also highlight the significant rebuilds and updates that are carried out on an ongoing basis in our customers´ facilities. It is great fun to see how a minor upgrade or reconstruction can make a big difference in gaining increased capacity. An example is Martinsons Såg, Kroksjön, where we increased capacity with an environmentally friendly and modern package intake.

Of course, we are enormously grateful for the large number of orders we received during the year. We still receive inquiries from both large and small sawmills. This has resulted in that we have reviewed our organization, so it works as well as for our customers and employees. During the year, we employed additional staff in mechanical design, automation, service and brought in more consultants. We have also internally reviewed services and some have been given new areas of responsibility. It also feels extra good to expand our Finnish staff with another employee on site.

We do not yet know how Corona will affect us in 2021. We hope that life can begin to return to normal, but so far, we must continue to adapt both our work and private lives. Nothing can replace the personal meetings, but we have also seen that it is possible, as a complement, to carry out a lot of work remotely via various meeting platforms, a way of working that saves time, money, and the environment. So, to try to look a little positive at the crisis, it may be something that we take with us even after the pandemic.

I would like to thank all our customers, employees, consultants, and subcontractors who work hard to survive the crisis and at the same time do a good job.

Stay safe!

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