To increase the capacity of the planing mill and strengthen the business concept at Hjortkvarn Timber, Renholmen will deliver machines to complement existing equipment. The delivery means that the customer can produce on two separate lines – a splitting line and a planing line.

– It is great to regain the trust of a loyal customer. We feel proud to be able to deliver these stable, safe, and robust machines for further processing that will delight the customer for many years to come, says Daniel Wiklund, project manager at Renholmen.

The machines in this delivery originally comes from Forslunds Maskiner which was a sister company to Renholmen but was incorporated into the company in 2010. Their products are now an integral part of Renholmen, and what may not be known is that Renholmen also has these qualitative products for further processing in their range of machines.

At the sawmill in Hjortkvarn, there is only one split intake and now Renholmen will supplement the existing intake with new machine equipment as well as two Chain Conveyor Fast Loading and complementary Package Feed Out Section to these. These two lines are bein created to increase the capacity of the planing mill and strengthen Hjortkvarn Timber’s business concept towards becoming a construction lumber factory.

Hjortkvarn Timber is a loyal customer to whom Renholmen has supplied machine equipment regularly since 1982, including a green sorting, Sticker Stacker and upgrading of their dry sorting. Efforts are now being made to rebuild the planing mill with a splitting line and a planing line.

Hjortkvarn Timber AB is a sawmill that specializes in pine production and integrated with the sawmill runs a processing facility that consists of a planing mill and an impregnation plant.

Delivery takes place in March / April 2021

If you want to know more about our products for further processing, contact our salesman Urban Vikström,

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