More efficient intake, a new productive Triple Stacker and improved operator environment are the result of an investment that Högland saw & Hyvleri made at their dry sorting in Domsjö to avoid bottlenecks and increase the efficiency of the facility.

– We are satisfied with the investment and the upgrading. The purpose was to increase capacity and improve the working environment and we have a better flow, and the staff is satisfied, says David Marcusson, CEO of Höglandssågen.

Högland Såg och Hyvleri AB has operations in three locations. In Högland, Örnsköldsvik, there is the head office and a band saw line for rough timber.

In Anundsjö is the main saw line, where there has been a lot of investment in recent years. To that facility Renholmen has delivered an upgrade of the green sorting and the Sticker Stacker.

In Domsjö, the dry sorting and unloading are located with their own port. Renholmen has previously upgraded the dry sorting several times with for example a new tilt and cutting system.

With the large investment and capacity increase in Anundsjö, Domsjö has become a bottleneck. To increase the total capacity, an investment has now been made in the dry sorting, including a Triple Stacker and new camera system.

User-friendly technology and doubled expenses

Upstairs, the efficiency has been significantly higher thanks to a larger and more efficient buffer before the Single Feeder, elimination of older camera technology that required turning of all lumber and integrated strength sorting. In turn, this has provided an improved operator environment.

Downstairs, a Triple Stacker has been installed to eliminate the bottleneck and at certain dimensions doubled the number of outlays per minute, compared to the old machine. The operator’s site has also been given a boost thanks to a larger work area and user-friendly technology as the Single Feeder has been replaced with layer feeding.

– We are extremely happy and grateful for the recurring trust from Höglands Såg och Hyvleri. Now we have eliminated a bottleneck and increased the capacity of the facility and at the same time created a better environment for the operators, says Hans Eriksson, salesman at Renholmen AB.

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