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The proximity to work, the feeling of a modern workplace and a new challenge in a new industry attracted Lillemor Lindberg to Renholmen.

– It feels like a future-oriented company with a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. I look forward to my journey here on Renholmen.

Lillemor Lindberg has previously worked for nine years as a team leader, or also called Spare Parts Manager, at Wist Last & Buss AB in Skellefteå. There, she was part of the local management team and held employee interviews, staff and customer meetings as well as financial planning for the department.

– The daily activities in the spare parts department were also part of my work with purchasing spare parts, customer support and stock maintenance. We worked with the customer in focus.

To Renholmen, she brings with her a way of working that has a high ceiling with an open, honest, and straightforward communication. Something she thinks is a success factor.

– A good atmosphere and the cohesion of a team is important, and I see problems as a challenge and try to solve them as quickly as possible.

As Purchasing Manager, she will be responsible for the department in leading, planning and streamlining, as well as negotiating and concluding agreements with subcontractors. The sawmill industry is new to Lillemor, but she has some experience of having worked at companies that cut and planed contract components for Ikea.

– Everything new is developing and it will be a challenge to learn all the new systems and routines and to have your own structure in the work in the future. I hope that the employees have the patience to answer all my questions, she laughs.

The forest is an important part of Lillemor’s life, preferably with her family and their four dogs. Dog training and hunting are often on Lillemor’s schedule, and she also holds dog courses in everything from puppy to competition obedience, tracking and searching.

– It is the cooperation with the dog that is meaningful to me. In the hunt we are a team and hunt together, not separately. Being able to eat from forest to table is also a pure luxury. My job as an instructor is to provide tools to dog owners and dogs to create a confidential and functional collaboration.

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