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Last year, a Step Feeder was delivered to AB Hilmer Andersson. The company has also invested in additional top machines that increase the production rate and cut with the highest precision.

– The reason why we have invested in more machines from Renholmen is that the first delivery works very well and was professionally carried out. Hans at Renholmen is a very knowledgeable and dedicated salesman, says Nils Andersson, Production Manager at Hilmer Andersson AB.

Renholmen has become a partner of AB Hilmer Andersson in recent years and will make three deliveries in three years to the sawmill.

The purpose of the investment in a Step Feeder for the Dry Sorting in 2021 was to reduce the proportion of damaged lumber and increase the production rate. With successful results and satisfied staff, the decision was made to invest in another Step Feeder in 2022 for the Sticker Stacker to achieve the same results in the Green Sorting.

Cutting system of the highest class

In the summer of 2023, Renholmen will also deliver an upgrade of the Green Sorting with a new cutting system consisting of Electro Positioner, Electro Sinus trimmer and Flexicut. With this combination of machines, the plant gets a cutting system of the highest class and full flexibility. At the same time, the existing scanning system with reversal will be replaced to a system without reversal. This investment provides a significantly increased production rate and with better precision in the cutting process.

– We look forward to this delivery and appreciate AB Hilmer Andersson’s far-sighted investment in state-of-the-art technology, says Hans Eriksson, Sale Representative at Renholmen AB.

AB Hilmer Andersson is a privately owned sawmill in western Värmland that has been owned by the founder Hilmer Andersson´s family members for four generations. Today, the sawmill is owned and operated by the three siblings Kari, Karl and Nils Andersson.

Photo: Cutting System with Electro Positioner, Electro Sinus and Flexicut.


  • AB Hilmer Andersson was founded by Hilmer Andersson in the 1920s.
  • The company has just over 60 employees and employs about thirty contractors.
  • Products: about 75 spruce and 25% pine
  • Annual production: 225,000 m3

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