Renholmen delivers to Setra’s new dry sorter planing line in Hasselfors the first complete electrical cutting system, which mainly consists of three high-capacity products.

The electric cutting system has separate servo drives for each blade. The benefits are many, including flexibility, accuracy, and capacity. Each cut can now be optimized based on its specific conditions.
The system completely lacks pneumatics and hydraulics, which also minimizes energy losses. Energy recovery is also built into the system. The new generation of electrical cutting systems has a much smaller environmental impact than the previous generation of cutting systems.

The environment around the machines has also been considered. Chips and dust are taken care of in a separate channel for further transport out of the plant.

During the development of the new units, a lot of focus has been placed on the maintenance part, for example the Trimmer ElectroSinus can easily be opened so the operator can go into the machine and change a blade. Electro Positioner has no pneumatics or electricity in the rotating parts.

The cutting system mainly consists of the three high-capacity products, Trimmer ElectroSinus, Electro Positioner and Flexicut. The machines are already in use at several of Renholmen’s customers and live up to expectations, but for the first time a completely new complete system is being delivered.

– It is a proof that oour electrical cutting systems are something that the market is inquire for, both for technical and environmental reasons, says Bernt-Ove Andersson, Marketing Manager at Renholmen AB.

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If you are interested in finding out more about our electrical cutting system, contact one of our sales staff. 

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