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In recent years, Renholmen has gradually increased the number of employees in all departments. At present, there are 55 employees and more will be joining the company during the spring.
Meet the seven new employees who all have experiences and knowledge that will contribute to keep Renholmen at the absolute forefront of the industry.

Awesome bunch of people who works at Renholmen!” – Thomas Bäcklund, Quotation Engineer

Since the mid-90s, Thomas has worked at different consulting companies and has most of the time in recent years worked at Renholmen. As a consultant, he got a broad experience in construction, but no cutting-edge expertise. As a Quotation Engineer, he will also be involved in the production of the quotation documentation.

– It will be fun to focus on a more specific task. When you are interested in technology, Renholmen’s products are exciting as the machines have many moving parts.

He applied to Renholmen because the company seems to be a well-run and solid company.

– For me, well-being in the workplace is at least as important as the salary and I have enjoyed myself since day one at Renholmen. It is an awesome bunch of people who works at Renholmen!

“Great to work as a team” – Jesper Grundström, Automation Technician

Jesper has a great interest in technology and has previously worked as a consultant with PLC programming and Electrical Design, as well as an Industrial Electrician at a sawmill. On and off for several years, Jesper has worked as a consultant at Renholmen and has experience of programming and commissioning the company´s products.

Jesper knew alot about Renholmen as a company, the workflow, and the products and was attracted by the new challenges that were offered.

– It feels great to immerse oneself in the products and work as a team on larger projects. Then there are nice colleagues and a good atmosphere at the company.

“Perfect opportunity to apply to Renholmen” – Markus Sundström, Automation Technician

Markus has previously worked as an Industrial Electrician and Instrument Technician as well as assembling various control and regulation instruments.

– I wanted to develop and learn new things. I have also wanted to go more towards commissioning and programming, so this was a perfect opportunity to apply to Renholmen.

The sawmill industry is new to him, but he looks forward to learn the products and all the features, as well as getting out in the fields and make the machines move.

– I think cohesion in a workplace is very important. It is the basis for you to enjoy your job and at Renholmen it seems to be really good. Great bunch! I do not regret that I applied for a job here.

“Renholmen highly values ​​the employees” – Sergio Sales, Purchaser

After five years in Brazil as responsible for the Skellefteå company Nordic Light`s import and distribution, Sergio has landed in Byske and at Renholmen as a Purchaser.

– Renholmen is an attractive employer with development opportunities. My first impression is that Renholmen highly value ​​the employees and ensures that everyone gets good working conditions.

From his previous work , he has experiences from working in projects in a structured and responsible way from start to delivery.

– I look forward to be involved in the process and learn new things. I get good support from my colleagues so I can quickly get into my new role. Here is a good atmosphere, which is crucial.

“I got to jump straight into the hot air” – Petter Marklund, Mechanical Designer

Petter came to Renholmen directly after graduating from the Mechanical Design Engineering program at Luleå University of Technology in Skellefteå. For five summers, he has gained experience from sawmills when he worked at Kåge Sawmill.

– It’s great to get a job that is directly related to my education, but the school cannot paint the whole picture of what it is like at a real job. Every day I learn something new and develop my skills in my role as a Mechanical Designer.

Compare to someone who is new to the sawmill industry he thinks he has an advantage as he has worked with some of Renholmen’s machines in ongoing production and has some knowledge of ​​how a sawmill works.

– I think I have started my role as a Mechanical Designer quite well. I got to jump straight into the hot air.

“Likes to work with advanced mechanics” – Tony Dahlberg, Service Technician

Tony has previously had many different jobs, he has for example worked as an Electrician and a Mechanic. As a subcontractor, he came in contact with Renholmen many times and was indirectly involved in Renholmen’s both large and small projects.
At those times he got a positive impression of the work and the company.

– In general, I like to work in projects and with more advanced mechanics. What makes it even better is that there are great people who work here.

As a Service Technician, he is working most of the time on site at the customers sawmills.

– Compared to my previous work, this feels like a freer job with interesting and varied work tasks.

”My job is incredibly fun and challenging” – Jimmy Olsson, Warehouse Worker

For several years, Jimmy has worked as a Fan Fitter and felt it was time for new challenges. In his new role at the warehouse, he appreciates that he gets to take own responsibility and can control his own workflow.

– My job is incredibly fun and challenging with various tasks. There is a lot to learn, but I learn very quickly and  I am happy to take on new projects and challenges. It will be exciting to be part of this journey together with Renholmen.

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