To make the facility in Örarna more efficient, a new flap sorter and a Flexicut will be installed. The underlying conveyor is also supplemented with New Drives.

Over the years, Renholmen has delivered many projects to Stenvalls Träs sawmill facilities. As Stenvalls bought more sawmills, Renholmen has gained continued confidence to deliver both large and small projects to these facilities. Several projects are underway at most of their sawmills and more deliveries are planned in the coming years.

– Stenvalls Trä is a respected player in the industry and always invests in the best technology and high productivity, which helps to drive the development in the industry forward. We are happy and proud of the fine collaboration between the companies that has always worked out well and smoothly, says Bernt-Ove Andersson, Marketing Manager at Renholmen AB.

The upgrade means that the existing hook Sorting conveyor is removed and replaced with a flap sorting on the bin section. The robust construction is used to transport and sort the lumber into the assigned bin for the highest capacity.

Upstairs, the existing cutting robot is also being replaced by a Flexicut, which has a laterally variable-setting cutting unit and is used when a piece of lumber is to be cut free-cut within a module. With a Flexicut, any length of the lumber can be obtained. Renholmens Flexicut is at the forefront of development regarding flexible cutting.

The ground floor will be supplemented with two more drives for the underlying conveyors.

Stenvalls Trä is a family business that has facilities in Sikfors, Piteå, Luleå and Seskarö and employs 220 people.

Delivery to Stenvalls Örarna will be made in the autumn of 2021.

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