Koskisen Oy, Finland, is investing 48 million Euros to create a more efficient facility and reduce emissions from internal logistics. Renholmen delivers two green sorting lines and a Sticker Stacker.

“We consider Finland to be part of our domestic market. At present, we are three employees in Finland and will strengthen our presence with more employees, says Per Jonsson, CEO of Renholmen AB.

The investment is the largest in Koskisen’s history. The new production line will increase the sawmill productivity by up to 40 percent and involve the highest possible utilization of the wood material with a planned annual production of 400,000 cubic meters of sawn lumber.

The sawmill´s operation will be moved from the center of Järvelä four kilometers away, where the facility for wood processing is located. The move is made to create better synergies in the production and reduce emissions from internal logistics.

Renholmen will supply double green sorting lines with buffer solution, one for side boards and one for center timber, and a Sticker Stacker

Camera sorting is installed on the side board line with Renholmen’s subsequent all-electric cutting system with Electro Positioner and Trimmer ElectroSinus. The Trimmer is installed with an integrated fire protection system.

On the side board line there are 40 Sink Bin compartments and on the center line 20 compartments, both with gentle emptying, Soft Bin. On both lines, it is possible to expand with more compartments in the future.

The stick intake contains a Stick Inspector to sort out bad drying sticks.

The Sticker Stacker will be delivered in the summer of 2022 and the production is expected to start in the autumn of 2023.

“We are extremely proud to receive the trust to deliver to Koskisen Oy and we will give them the facility they expect, says Bernt-Ove Andersson, Marketing Manager at Renholmen AB.

Bernt-Ove Andersson, Sales Manager Renholmen
Per Jonsson, CEO Renholmen
Jukka Pahta, CEO Koskisen
Tommi Sneck, Saw Industry Manager Koskisen
Lassi Santala, Projekt Manager Koskisen
Matti Korppoo, Agent Finland Renholmen.

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