Soon we are entering the holiday season and can enjoy our time off, the sun and the warm evenings. We really need it after several months of Covid restriction who control our lives. Of course, we hope that the vaccinations will allow us to meet physically and return to more normal routines.

The traces of Covid have affected us all and for us at Renholmen, it has mainly made our project implementation more difficult. But we have worked together with the customers to find solutions and with joint efforts managed to handle it well. Now we look forward to an opening in this Covid situation.

Even though it has been quite tough times for everyone, the market in the sawmill industry seems to be flourishing. Renholmen has recently managed to take on several more large and small projects, both with new and old customers. Our customers have a great trust in us and it is extremely gratifying. In Finland, we are expanding the market significantly and have a lot of exciting and developing projects underway.

On the project side we have many customers queuing, and we do our best to meet our customers’ wishes.

Right now, both large and small projects are underway, as well as minor upgrades. In Rauma, the assembly is in full swing, and everything goes according to plan. We also have several medium-sized projects underway, such as Stenvall’s Seskarö, Örarna and Sikfors.
The Planing Section at Hjortkvarn Timber AB was  recently completed. It was a successful upgrade where the result was separate lines for resaw and planing. Now they will be able to increase both production and efficiency. Read more about Upgrade Planing Section, Hjortkvarn Timber AB

The exhibitions have been canceled for some time due to Covid-19 and various restrictions.
Our current plan is that we will participate in the Finnish exhibition in Jyväskylää in September and the Finnish sawmill days in November. You are more the welcome to meet us there and take part of our latest project deliveries and technology.

We are very grateful that our customers give us the trust to develop their facilities. For us, it is a fantastic proof that our products meet the customers demands when it comes to efficiency, capacity, and smart solutions, but also that we have a great organization with talented employees.

Finally, I would like to thank all customers, employees, and subcontractors for an incredibly good first half of 2021 through commitment and good cooperation!

// Per Jonsson, CEO of Renholmen AB

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