Raw sorting and dry sorting, 2005, 2009

The customer: Martinsons Såg AB is a world-leading developer and manufacturer of innovative wood products with focus on quality and environment. Amongst the products are everything from gluewood and KL wood to market-leading construction systems for buildings, houses and bridges. With more than eight decades’ experience the group creates simple and profitable opportunities for future global construction in wood.

The project: To ensure a flexible, accessible and high-performance production with a maximised exchange of value of raw products.

Delivery/Raw sorting: Delivery and reconstruction during operation. Fast connection during only short stoppages. The delivery package consisted of:

  • Reconstruction of slender lumber sorting to a 120-speed board line.
  • Connectible buffer on both lines with function for running directly from saw to stacker
  • Dynamic speed control (Conrad) on both lines
  • Modification of existing sticker stacker for the board line, supplemented by, inter alia, step feeder
  • New centre line built in a ship parallel to the board line.
  • New high-capacity sticker stacker for the centre lumber
  • New lowering -fork bins for centre lumber with flap sorting

Results: Reliable raw sorting where both sorting lines can be run simultaneously by a single operator. The concept with, inter alia, a buffer enables a production loss of less than 0.5 percent, based on raw sorting stoppage to the saw. Concept for fast run-up, maximum accessibility and stable packet builds.

Delivery/Dry sorting: For maximum speed, degree of efficiency and filling ratio and to give the operator the best possible overview of the plant, a Renholmen-developed parallel design was used as a layout. The line is designed for 200-speed in sorting with a flow director between the camera towers. The delivery package consisted of:

  • Intake with assist elevator in the tilt
  • Stick receiver for high stick flows
  • By-pass elevator
  • Single piece feeder, Turbo with Conrad control system
  • Camera system with flow direction between the camera stations, and stress sorting
  • High capacity system with free-cutting at 200-speed
  • 60 lowering-fork bins with flap sorting equipped with SoftBins for careful handling
  • Step feeder with patented by-pass solution
  • Triple stacker, the market’s fastest packet stacker with a capacity of more than 30 layers per minute
  • Package out-feed prepared for future automation of wrapping
  • Entire-process safety solutions designed to achieve the best possible working conditions for the operators.

Results: A highly modern dry sorting process with the highest capacity, careful handling with flexible production conditions. Working environment for the operators at the leading edge of development both in terms of machinery and the workplace in general.

Read more about our total offer within raw sorting and dry sorting, or download the entire reference presentation as a pdf file.

Brief facts

Owner: Martinson Group AB
No. of employees: 250, Group 430 (2009)
Products: Sawn timber goods, annual production: 250 000 m³, Group 430 000 m³ (2009)
Current investment: Board sorting,
centre sorting and dry sorting
Investment year: 2005, 2009