Buffer to green sorting, 2014

The customer: Moelven Våler is Norway’s largest sawmill and produces a number of products for industrial customers. Its speciality is raw materials for the production of laminated timber products. The sawmill produces 175,000 m3 of spruce and pine annually and had a turnover of 39 million Euro in 2014.

The project: The Våler buffer solution between saw and green sorting line must be upgraded in order to reduce the number of stoppages from green sorting to the saw.


  • Buffer elevator
  • Buffer with conveyor
  • Single feeder

Result: Renholmen’s patented buffer elevator together with a larger buffer capacity and a more efficient single feeder has resulted in considerably fewer saw stoppages caused by sorting. The solution with a connectible buffer has begun to be more or less standard for all new deliveries and is being incorporated gradually in many places.

Brief facts

Owners: Glommen Skog SA and Eidsiva Vekst AS are the main owners.
Number of employees: 62
Primary products: Raw materials for the production of laminated timber products intended for industrial customers.
Capacity goal: 175,000 cubic metres of spruce and pine annually.
Current investment: Buffer to green sorting
Year of delivery: 2015
Project manager: Anders Lindh