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Greater Profitability after Modernisation of Production

Last year Renholmen delivered a green sorting system to AB Hilmer Andersson in Åmotfors, near the Norwegian border. And in the summer of 2025, a new stick placer will be delivered.
This will result in increased production, greater profitability, and a better work environment

Renholmen and AB Hilmer Andersson have worked together since 2021, and several projects have already been carried out. Among other things, Renholmen delivered a green sorting system to the sawmill in the summer of 2023, which has been put into operation and tuned in during the fall. The green sorting system is a complete line that includes a multitude of machines and solutions to take care of the raw, undried timber. This timber gets trimmed, sorted by length, dimension and quality, and packed before it goes into the dryer.

This investment will lead to increased capacity, greater profitability and much neater and more symmetrical lumber packages. It has also greatly improved work environment
Hans Eriksson, Renholmen

“Hilmer made some sophisticated choices that ended up more costly when it came to scanning technique, trimmer and cutting systems. But to absolutely no regret! The result made their operations more stable and improved their capacity as well as the work environment”, says Hans Eriksson, Sales Representative at Renholmen.

The investment in the new green sorting system meant improved efficiency and necessitated an investment in a new stick placer.

“The green sorting system was old and needed to be replaced,” says Hans Eriksson. “Following that investment, the rate of production increased significantly, but the bottleneck then ended up further forward in the facility – in the stick placer.”

The new stick placer also produces better timber packages before they are sent for drying.

“A poor package dries worse, which results in lower wood quality,” says Eriksson. “But with this new stick placer, the quality of the wood is improved, which optimises the value – and you can match the capacity of the green sorting system. It increases the rate throughout the process.”

The new stick placer will also enable a better work environment for the operators, since the investment also modernises the outfeed and support bolster system. As a result, several manual work steps will be eliminated.

“In the old stick placer, the inserts, or truck bolsters, have to be inserted manually,” explains Eriksson. “Today, operators need to lift the heavy inserts themselves and load them into a cassette, but this will be replaced by a fully automatic insert feeder. The package outfeed will also be new.”

Eriksson adds:

“This investment will lead to increased capacity, greater profitability and much neater and more symmetrical lumber packages. It has also greatly improved work environment for the stick placer operator who is located one floor down – the noise, dust and vibrations coming from above have decreased greatly. AB Hilmer Andersson is easy to work with, there is no dilly-dallying. They are a great customer with whom we have a good relationship.”

The new stick placer will be delivered and installed in the summer of 2025.

Today, AB Hilmer Andersson is run by the fourth generation of siblings – Nils, Kari, and Karl Andersson.
“Renholmen has good project management, implementation, and machinery. We are very pleased with the delivery,” says Nils Andersson from AB Hilmer Andersson