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Huge Investment in Tervola

The family-owned sawmill in Tervola has made a major investment. A completely new saw line has been built, with a green sorting system and stick placer from Renholmen.
“We are very happy about the trust they have shown in us,” says Bernt-Ove Andersson, Marketing Manager at Renholmen.

With the new saw line, Tervola can significantly increase – essentially double – its volumes without increasing shifts.

“This is a huge investment for the family-owned sawmill,” says Bernt-Ove. “The work has gone well and the customer is satisfied. It’s always great to work with smaller family businesses – it’s a different way of working. We are given a completely different degree of trust and responsibility in the project, and we try to manage that in the best possible way.”

Bernt-Ove adds:

“There’s definitely a big difference compared to working in projects with large groups that have specialists in all areas. For obvious reasons, family-owned and smaller companies rarely have access to the same resources and need to accomplish so much more with fewer people. I’m often highly impressed by the incredibly broad and deep expertise possessed by staff at smaller companies usually.

For the saw line, Renholmen has delivered a green sorting system and a stick placer. In the green sorting system, the wood is sorted according to dimensions and then placed in the stick placer as stick packages before timber drying.

“We are so happy that we were entrusted with this. Tervola is a bit special in that it is family-owned. The company is run by a father, mother, and son, along with many other relatives who work in the sawmill. It gives you a special and respectful feeling,” says Bernt-Ove Andersson.