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Industry Heavyweight Becomes New CEO of Renholmen – Major Investments Await

The new CEO of Renholmen will be Örjan Kallin, who has extensive experience from the timber industry. He has held leading positions at many companies in the timber and construction industries, and is driven by technical know-how and sales.
“An exciting expansion in Europe awaits Renholmen. It feels great to be able to contribute to their development journey,” he says.

Örjan Kallin is a construction engineer and began his working life as a supervisor and production manager at Skanska, where he constructed, among other things, industrial buildings, commercial premises, and housing. After the construction and financial crisis in the early 1990s, he worked as a consultant in environmental and quality management for the construction and wood processing industry. This became increasingly focused on business development and other technology and market development projects for the timber and wood construction industry.

Over the past 25 years, Kallin has held several managerial roles in the timber and construction industry, including as CEO of IUC trä in Västerbotten, Martinsons Byggsystem, and SSC Entreprenad (SkellefteåSnickeriCentral).
“I’m very happy about this position at Renholmen,” says Kallin. “I believe I can contribute a great deal when it comes to working in projects, which is one of Renholmen’s core activities, as well as in marketing and sales work. I’ve worked a lot with marketing both in Sweden and abroad, which is well-suited now that Renholmen is expanding into a larger geographical market in Europe.”

Kallin’s most recent position was in his own consultancy company.
“It feels very motivating and stimulating to be able to help Renholmen grow,” he says. “They have big ambitions for the next five years and are development-oriented. It feels great – I want to progress.”

Per Jonsson has been acting CEO for a period of time and is very pleased with the recruitment.
“Örjan has a good background and is very market-oriented. It’s important to us, and it feels right. There is a weight in his previous experiences, and I’m convinced that he will steer us in the right direction,” he says and adds:
“Renholmen has fantastic, committed employees, so Örjan’s team will provide him with exemplary support. The staff keep a close eye on our products, our company culture, and our customers. This team, headed by Örjan, will be great!”

Jonsson says that things are looking bright for Renholmen. Profitability, sales, and the order backlog are all looking good. Renholmen also has good dialogue about upcoming business with both existing and new customers.
“Our future looks bright!” he says.

With Örjan Kallin in place, Jonsson will return full-time to his role as CEO of Arat – Renholmen’s holding company.
“But I will continue serving as chair of the board of Renholmen, which is rewarding,” he says.

Kallin will take up his position at Renholmen on Monday 15 April.
“Renholmen is a well-run company with incredible staff. I’m looking forward to this,” says Kallin