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Rebuilt Planer Feeder for More Efficient Production

Holmen sawmill at Kroksjön just outside of Skellefteå has long been one of the leading sawmills in the Norrland region. And it is here that Renholmen has delivered a rebuilt planer feeder.

“It has created a more efficient process,” says Bernt-Ove Anderson, Marketing Manager at Renholmen.

Holmen Kroksjön is a well-developed sawmill with a high level of industry expertise in the production of refined and customised products for the building and construction industry. In addition to the production of cut and planed timber products, the facility in Kroksjön has a strong focus on the refinement of construction products, with everything from painting to wood preservation. A line for industrially adapted building components is also located in the same area in Kroksjön.

Renholmen has recently rebuilt one of the planer feeders. It includes functions such as vacuum picking for picking off the timber layers from the feeder package, layer receiving, single-log feeding, log turning to ensure the correct side faces upwards before planing, sifting out substandard logs, and planer feeding, which feeds in the timber to the planer at a maximum speed of 250 metres per minute.

The project is part of Renholmen’s refinement section, which originated in Forslunds Maskiner, before the companies merged in 2010.

“After numerous previous projects and good collaboration with Holmen Kroksjön, this project shows that the customer remains confident in us, which we are proud and pleased about,” says Bernt-Ove Andersson.