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Special Installation for Major Project in Finland

Renholmen has delivered two green sorting systems and a sticker stacker to Koskisen in Finland.
“The work has required a great deal of planning, and we have needed to use special solutions to reduce downtime in production. But everything has gone well,” says Bernt-Ove Andersson, Marketing Manager at Renholmen.

Koskisen is a sawmill located one hour north of Helsinki, Finland. They have invested in two green sorting systems and a sticker stacker, resulting in more efficient production and the opportunity to increase capacity.

But a major part of this investment was that two sites were merged into one. Previously, the timber was cut and separated at one site, then sorted and packed for transport, after which the products were trucked four kilometres to another site where the timber was placed, dried, and graded, or additionally processed.

“The transports were very expensive – there were a lot of vehicles every day,” says Bernt-Ove. “Now that the entire sawmill is in the same place, it will make things much cheaper and more efficient.”

The work was carried out in two stages. The new sticker stacker was built in the summer of 2022, and, in autumn 2023, the green sorting systems were delivered.

“When the sticker stacker was to be delivered, we built the new one in the yard next door, where it was commissioned and electrified,” explains Bernt-Ove. “During a short two-week summer break, we removed the old sticker stacker and put in the new one. It was a somewhat special solution. We’ve done this a few times before, but not with such large machines, so it’s unusual. However, everything went well; we had good planning and experienced and skilled people on-site who knew what they were doing.”

He adds:
“Koskisen is an important sawmill with a good reputation. And we are honoured to be entrusted with delivering such a large part of their new sawmill project.”