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Upgraded Sawmills - Increased Production

The sawmill Anundsjö and the grading mill in Domsjö outside Örnsköldsvik have been upgraded with the help of Renholmen. Among other things, a new dry grading line for green sorting has been installed and a stick placer has been modernised.
“The investment has significantly increased their production,” says Hans Eriksson, Sales Representative at Renholmen. “The whole work process went excellently.”

The Anundsågen and Domsjö sawmills are part of the family-owned Högland Såg & Hyvleri, which is one of the fastest growing wood and forestry industry companies in Sweden. Anundsjö is a complete sawmill, kilns included, and in Domsjö the wood products are graded, packed, and then shipped by road or boat. Domsjö is also strategically situated in central Örnsköldsvik, with its own quay where boats can dock.
“The plants were built in the late 1980s/early 1990s, and had seen better days,” says Eriksson.

The sawmill in Anundsjö had an old and worn dry grading line in the tray sorter section, so it was replaced with a new push-type feeder with higher capacity and better accessibility. They also upgraded the stick placer with a new elevator, a longer operator station, and more modern layering. In the grading mill in Domsjö, the old dry grading line was replaced with a new feeder, and the package stacker was also modernised with a new double-action step feeder.

“During the 2023 summer break, we assembled all the parts, and everything was fully operational by August,” says Eriksson. “The work went excellently – they got started quickly and were able to increase their capacity. Everything has gone according to plan.”

For this project, Renholmen delivered a complete job – assembly, commissioning, and training.

“We provide training in both mechanical knowledge and advanced control,” explains Eriksson. “We had a full team on-site, and everything went well. The staff learned quickly and could adapted well to the new way of working.”