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Product description

In the event of a short stop in the green sorting, the buffer is used to temporarily receive and store the lumber flow from the sawmill, so the mill won’t have to be stopped. Once the stoppage has been fixed, the buffer is emptied at the same time as the lumber flow from the saw-line is received and sorted.

  • Very high accessibility from the saw-line
  • Careful handling of the lumber
  • Robust, tried and tested design solutions
  • Reliable technology since 2004
  • Custom-designed with several alternative solution principles, but based on a common basic concept
  • Fully-automatic control of reloading and emptying

Technical data

Buffer capacity
Depending on the volume required.
Normally between approx. 15-60 min
Frequency-controlled gear motor drive and pneumatics

Accessibility towards the saw
approx. 99% depending on shape
Product number
Chain conveyors 2103
Fall dampers 2114
Belt conveyor damping 2113
Buffer pocket 2118