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Cut-In-Two High Speed with Optimization

Product description

Renholmen’s Cut-In-Two High Speed makes it possible to get two optimal pieces out of one piece of wood.
It gives the opportunity to assess the quality and cut the pieces individually.
Instead of lowering the quality or cutting off a large piece to produce a higher quality, Cut-In-Two can make two shorter pieces with different qualities and in that way increase the overall value of the piece of wood.
Cutting in Cut-In-Two High Speed is done in the following way:

The piece passes the scanning and there a decision is made how the piece should be optimized – one long piece with a certain quality or two short ones with different quality. If two short bits are cut, it happens in the following way. If only one piece is taken out, it is cut as described for piece number one.
The Electro Positioner positions the piece of wood before the first cut.
The piece of wood is modularly cut in Trimmer Electrosinus. The first piece is finished cutting at the far end, which simultaneously cuts the second piece loose, and a module residue is left on the even end side, which is finished cutting in the subsequent Flexicut’s positioning blade that cuts the piece to the finished length.
Piece number one continues the primary path into the sink bins.
Piece number two is separated out of the primary flow, directly after the trimmer and run back.
The piece is laid down on the carrier path after the camera system. The Single Piece Feeder is ordered to drop a slot for the piece.
Electro Positioner positions the piece according to the first scan.
Trimmer Electrosinus modularly cuts the piece that is finished at the far end and a modular residue is left for subsequent Flexicut’s positioning blade that cuts the piece to the desired length.
Piece number two is passed on to the sink bins.
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Technical data

200 bringers/minut (depending on dimensions)
Lumber dimensions
16x75 to 100x250

1,8 - 6 m
Product number