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Electric Drive Sticker Frame


Product description

The stick frame is an important function in the stick layer. It leads a rather tough life with constant up and down movements. For many years, this function has been hydraulic-driven, and more recently via a proportional valve to be able to run somewhat smoothly yet quickly and distinctly.

As many know, hydraulics are often difficult to tune and stabilize over time. Hydraulic components often tend to be expensive to replace and have long delivery times as spare parts, which has led to electric drives increasingly replacing hydraulic drives in general. This, in turn, has made it possible to remove service-demanding and noisy hydraulic units that stand and operate at full capacity, whether the machine is in operation or not. This provides significant energy and environmental benefits when only the electricity consumed is used and smaller volumes of hydraulic oil need to be handled both environmentally and economically.

Switching to electric drive for the stick frame provides significantly improved tuning capability as the built-in pulse sensor has extreme control over where the stick frame is in its movement and can start acceleration and deceleration exactly in the right place. This also means that the mechanics of the stick frame are preserved as it moves extremely smoothly. Switching to electric drive can be easily carried out during, for example, a weekend shutdown with the help of our experienced commissioning engineers.