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Electro Positioner

Electro Positioner

Product description

An Electro Positioner is used to variably position a timber piece within a module, e.g. prior to a following trimmer. With the aid of an Electro Positioner it is possible to optimise where the cut will be made on the piece of timber.

  • Patented solution
  • Electric positioning
  • High precision
  • Travelling stop trolleys
  • High capacity
  • Stable design
  • Careful handling
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Tried and tested technology that has been upgraded

Description of features

The machine consists of three electric servos that position the travelling stop plates by means of lines along which each stop plate runs. The stop plates are set on two chains that run in a separate cycle. The timber arriving on the carrier conveyor is met by the stop plates. As the roller conveyor presses the timber pieces against the stop plates, these are placed into the correct position by the electric servos. This offers optimal positioning even at top speeds.

Technical data

220 carriers/minute
Carrier division
480 mm

Number of positioning stop plates
No. of linear units
Frequency controlled reduction gear motor
Product number